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Evicting Squatters In California

How To Get Rid Of Squatters In California

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Squatters can cause great damage to a property.

What Is The Difference Between Squatting and Trespassing?

If someone is living in a property without permission, there are two important distinctions to make.

  • Did the person use force to gain entry? Such as breaking down a door or window?
  • Did the squatter gain entry by other means?

If you answered yes to the first one, you likely have a trespasser. Trespassing is a crime, and calling the police would be a good idea. If law enforcement determines trespassing is indeed the case, the trespassers will be removed or arrested.

(Best advice is, don’t leave a property vacant!)

What Rights Do Squatters Have?

Evicting Squatters In California…

If you have a squatter:

  • California requires a written 3-day notice to the squatter. An unlawful detainer may not be filed until this is done.
  • If the squatter doesn’t leave in 3 days, file an unlawful detainer with the court. It’s best to seek professional assistance when doing this. There may be free unlawful detainer forms that are provided online by the court website.
  • Make sure the squatter(s) are served with the appropriate paperwork.
    • If the squatter does not respond to the suit, you are awarded what is called a default judgment, meaning the property owner may regain possession of the property.
  • Attend the hearing schedule by the court clerk.
  • After the squatter has been served with the lawsuit and afforded an opportunity to present his side of the story, a hearing date will be scheduled within 20 days.
  • At the hearing a judge will listen to both sides argue their case before issuing a judgment. The hearing usually takes no longer than one hour, and sometimes only 10 min. or less.
  • Give the judgment to the local sheriff. The sheriff for a fee will post a 5 day notice. After that, if the squatters have not left the sheriff will forcibly remove them and change the locks.

Some Things To Think About…

Scams may be an issue with squatters. Be on the look out and keep aware. Some dishonest people may try to rent a vacant property to unknowing people. The renters sign a lease not knowing who the actual owner is. Other scams include squatters requesting money to leave. Another popular lie squatters tell is that they are renting the property from someone else.

Evicting squatters in California can be difficult, time consuming, and cost a ton of money. Either way, no matter what situation is thrown at you, Quick Home Offers will work to help you. If squatters have taken over your vacant property, we will buy it as is.

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