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The Benefits of Working a Boutique Buyer vs. an I-Buyer or Big Corporation

If you need to sell your California home fast, you may be looking for a cash house buyer. Cash house buyers can purchase homes that won’t pass inspection or meet traditional lenders’ requirements for loan approval. However, not all cash buyers are the same. You have real estate companies that act as i-Buyers or Instant Buyers as well as big corporations that buy up houses and resell them at a profit. A boutique house buyer is a smaller company that offers several advantages over i-Buyers.

White Glove Treatment

With a boutique buyer, you get white glove treatment and personalized service that ensures you get what you need from the sale. These buyers hold your hand through the process, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused.

You likely won’t get the white glove treatment with an i-Buyer or major corporation. They have a streamlined process and handle numerous transactions at once. They may standardize everything, which means you may not get what you need out of the sale.


Another benefit of working with a boutique buyer is flexibility. These buyers allow you to set the closing date. If you need to close quickly, Quick Home Offers can have the paperwork ready for closing in as little as seven days. If you need more time to get moved, boutique buyers will wait and set the date out further.

Large real estate companies have to coordinate closing your property with other properties, so it must work on their schedule. You will be limited on when you can close and will be expected to be out of the house on the date they choose.

Personalized Service for Your Peace of Mind

When you choose to work with a boutique house buyer, you get personalized service. They look at your home’s data and determine a fair cash offer based on your needs. You talk directly to the buyer instead of going through an assistant or receptionist.

If you have questions or concerns, a boutique buyer will take the time to address them. Here at Quick Home Offers, we understand that this is probably the first time you are selling to a cash buyer. You may be worried or stressed about the transaction and need reassurance or questions answered. We’ve been buying homes for years and know the process well. We’ll help you feel confident about your decision to sell with us and guide you through the process.To Quick Home Offers, you’re not just another home purchase. You’re a person who has trusted us to buy your home. Let us help you get through the process with less stress and a focus on the future. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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