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Selling A House “As Is” In California

A common question many property sellers thinking about selling a house as is in California ask themselves is “Should I fix or update my house before I sell?”. This question may be different for different sellers. It all depends on a seller’s situation and how much headache they’re willing to deal with.

What does it mean to sell a house as-is?

sell house as is california

Selling a house “as-is” almost always means that the owner of the property will not engage in negotiating any repairs or updates with a potential buyer. An “as-is” sale almost always refers to the physical condition of the property, however, in very rare cases it may refer to the title or deed. When an owner sells a house as-is, this doesn’t mean the seller is absolved from disclosing certain facts that could affect the value or habitability of the property. Some of these facts may include foundational or structural issues, mold, hazardous environmental conditions, or major plumbing issues. An as-is clause will certainly not absolve a seller of liability especially if there is an attempt to cover up or a failure to disclose known major defects.

There are many benefits to selling a property as-is in California and it can really save someone a lot of money and time, depending on your situation.

Do buyers even want fixers?

Some buyers prefer “fixers” in the hopes of getting a “deal”, but normally these buyers are looking for light cosmetic fixers, not properties with major repairs. Few buyers are really equipped to handle foundational issues, or other major repairs. There are some companies that do specialize in purchasing problem properties, however.

Should I fix the property?

sell my house as is

Is selling a house as-is in California is worth it? It’s mostly a subjective matter. Sometimes fixing the property yourself you can net more money. But just remember, this takes time, money, and sometimes a lot of experience to do. Just make sure you’re up for the challenge. In determining what needs to be done to get full retail value, check out the other houses in the neighborhood. How long have they been listed for? What are the conditions of the properties? What would you need to do to your property to get it up to par with the rest of the listed properties?

Selling a house as-is in California is not tricky. Determining if spending time and money repair the property is worth it, can be. Before sellers take on a project, they should ask, “is this even worth it?”. If you own a property that only has an outdated kitchen, maybe doing the work yourself is worth it if you’re willing to spend the money, time and effort. If the whole house is not updated, and/or it needs repairs, most of the time it’s better for people to sell the house as-is.

Steps Sellers Should Take To Get The Highest “As-Is” Offer:

1. Find out what the property could sell for all fixed up. You can find this out by using sites such as, and others.

2. Estimate the cost of repairs or updates needed. Estimating repairs is not as complicated as it sounds. The key thing to keep in mind is you don’t need to be exact. Here’s a great link that will help you determine very easily how much it might cost to update or repair your property.   repairs.<— Click here for a handy cost guide!

3. Determine a fair, as-is price for the house. This is the tricky part, because often times it’s hard to determine the “hassle discount”, or the discount you have to give to a buyer to fix the property up themselves. If it’s a very light fixer, your best bet is to list it with a Realtor. If it’s a big fixer, often times you can save a ton of money if you call a California cash house buyer. The reason being is because Realtors often call companies just like Quick Home Offers to buy their listing if it’s a major fixer. By going straight to the buyer, you can save at least 6% or more if the company will pay your closing costs.  Calling more than one company or Realtor is a good idea to make sure you get the highest sales price possible.

sell house as is to investor in california

4. Determine if it’s worth it to fix the place up. Find out if going thru all the hassle and time is worth it for you. Just remember to factor in the final sales costs, such as escrow fees, realtor fees, title fees, buyer concessions, appraisals and inspections. This usually adds up to about 8% to 12% of the final sales price, depending on the area.

If you decide to fix it yourself to get the most money, here are 10 minimum repairs you should take if you want to sell to a conventional retail buyer:

  • Patch all holes and cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Fix all broken appliances and HVAC systems.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Replace worn carpeting.
  • Repaint dark or marred walls with neutral paint (not white).
  • Replace broken windows.
  • Repair the roof.
  • Change out dated light fixtures / ceiling fans
  • Replace old linens / window coverings.
  • Fix code violations

Quick Home Offers can provide you with an all cash, as-is offer, even if all the above 10 items are not fixed. Sellers never pay any commissions, closing costs or concessions. The price offered is never with any sort of fees or additional costs.

If you’re thinking of selling a house as is in California and would like an offer within 1 business day or less call us. Receiving an offer is free.

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